I was so excited to do this shoot. I’d spoken to the ever lovely Roos Demol a few months back about popping up and snapping away at one of Citadel’s practices, but we’d not managed to sort a time out for it before Christmas. We finally managed to get it together last Thursday, and I’m so pleased we did. The music was lovely and I met so many wonderful, warm, genuine people. I won’t go too much into direct provision here, I simply don’t understand enough to discuss it – but I will say that what I saw was a coming together of people through a medium they all loved… music. The mix of cultures, and musical styles, was fantastic, and I hope Citadel keep doing all they can to be so inclusive and to raise awareness of those in direct provision, whilst also doing something they all clearly love so deeply. Also, I got to attempt to play tablas, which was as disastrous as you might expect from someone who’s been playing drums for over 20 years!

Here are just a few shots from the night, enjoy!

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